Fax Online features.

Concord Fax Online provides hosted fax capabilities with unparalleled reliability, security, and speed.

Receiving faxes.

Enterprise fax users receive their faxes within seconds as an attachment (TIF, PDF or XPS) to an email message.

Received faxes can be sent to multiple users or distribution lists, and individual users can even receive faxes sent to multiple fax numbers.

Incoming fax messages contain detailed information; number of pages, time, sender, etc. All your faxes are stored in your email and can be sorted into folders and backed up along with your regular email messages. Other fax services include faxes automatically being printed or delivered to network folders.

Sending faxes.

Simply attach your documents to an email message and send it to faxnumber@concordsend.com.

When using our faxing service we generate cover pages on demand and can even include the body of your email message as a note on the cover page. Cover pages can be fully customized for your organization and controlled at a user, department or company level.

Users can also use the “Send to” features in Microsoft Office to send faxes via Concord Fax Online or can download and use our Print-to-Fax driver – enabling them to fax anything that they can print.

Tim Dasch - CIO, Cooper & Scully, P.C.
"Concord Fax Online is fast, easy and reliable. Our assistants and back office staff are in complete control of their faxes conveniently from their desks. From an IT perspective, there is no hardware or software maintenance expense. It’s by far the best fax solution we’ve ever come across, a practical business investment."
Tim Dasch CIO, Cooper & Scully, P.C.

Concord Portal. Administration and reporting.

Concord provides a fully managed enterprise fax service and is always glad to take care of any administration tasks on your behalf. If you’d prefer to take care of things yourself, the Concord Web Portal provides a complete self-help interface to all the commonly used administration functions you require:

  • Manage user accounts and multi-tiered departments
  • Multiple tiers of security and departmental administration
  • Assign new phone numbers and manage number inventory
  • Customize cover pages and rules by user or department
  • Manage customized user or departmental rebilling (internal cost assignment)
  • Extensive usage reporting and detailed billing data
Enterprise fax server replacement

Archive faxes. Audit and Compliance Ready.

Configure a destination inside your own network to store your fax records for as long as you might need them. Whether you prefer to have your faxes delivered to your own document management system or simply to a long-term storage email address, we give enterprise fax users everything they need to support your audit and compliance requirements for as long as necessary.

FaxLync. Connect your traditional fax device to "The Cloud".

FaxLync connects your traditional fax machine (or MFP) to Concord Fax Online - completely eliminating the need for analog phone lines. You can send faxes as you normally would and receive them either to your email address or have them delivered to the fax machine. FaxLync requires almost no setup and sends faxes securely over HTTPS.

Rick Gunther - CFO, Rainwater, Holt and Sexton
"We did our research, from multiple fax lines, fax servers, and bringing in more hardware. Through all of the analysis of cost benefit to management of on-premise devices and utilizing services in the cloud we ended up being referred to Concord from another law service. We then investigated Concord's services and came up with our own conclusion. We are very pleased to have the Concord all-inclusive fax service."
Rick Gunther CFO, Rainwater, Holt and Sexton

Fax-enable applications. High-Volume. Simple to integrate.

Automate purchasing, finance, inventory management, sales and distribution functions to give your businesses a host of advantages. Use our suite of web service APIs to create more complex and customized integrations to automate enterprise faxing.

Microsoft integrations.

Fax abilities within Office 365.

Send and receive faxes from any device through Microsoft Office and Office 365 applications, Exchange Unified Messaging, and SharePoint. Users can fax by email with no phone lines or client software!

Office 365 Fax »

Ian Hameroff - Group Product Manager, Exchange Partner Marketing
"Fax is a frequent topic for many of our customers and Microsoft is excited to be working with Concord as a fax partner to address those needs both hosted and on-premise."
Ian Hameroff Group Product Manager at Microsoft

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