About Concord Fax.

Concord is a proven leader of cloud-based Fax Services for businesses.

With over seventeen years in the business...

... Concord Technologies has established themselves as a top three provider of online fax solutions. Started as a spinoff of Delrina (WinFax Pro) in 1996, Concord was one of the first companies making technological advancements to fax based cloud services. From the beginning, Concord had a clear vision to build their company with a focus on reliability, development, and people.

In its early years...

...Concord focused on the delivery of internet-based fax and messaging solutions for small business. In the mid-2000s Concord decided to reconfigure its business when they recognized an emerging need for enterprise grade reliability and integration capabilities for large businesses making the transition from on-premise fax servers to a cloud-based solution.

To serve enterprise businesses...

...Concord decided to re-architect their network to provide the highest available standard of reliability and security. Knowing that any outages or network issues could result in significant losses to their customers, Concord committed to building a network with 2-layers of redundancy in an active-active architecture, between dual data centers. This has resulted in an industry leading uptime index.

Concord Fax understands that at the core of every business is people.

Their mission of bringing together technology and simplicity results in even the most advanced technology being assessable to all users. Additionally they create a positive and fun work environment for their employees, who on average have been with Concord Fax for over ten years. Concord knows that a happy work environment results in their employee’s satisfaction, talent, and innovation reflected directly into their products and services. Concord’s commitment to people is represented in their annual customer retention rate of over 97%!

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